Welcome to an amazing full color world! A world where technology almost magically provides one-of-a-kind personalized promotional products to enhance the image of your school, church, company or organization. A full color technology that recognizes and celebrates achievement and success and allows their memories to live on forever. And a world that can provide special personalized gifts and items for the special people in our lives, where no amount of money could ever replace the sentiment that inspired them. Welcome to the twenty-first century world of full color digital imprinting.

Technically termed sublimation, this technology can take a photograph, a digital image, or a specially created graphic with over one hundred fifty thousand color combinations and be indelibly transferred to hundreds of personalized promotional products and items that enhance your life. These vibrant, original products can be produced individually, or by the thousands, by trained specialists who are part artist, part craftsman, and part computer wizard!

In collaboration with your sublimation specialist, this web site will hopefully spark some ideas that distinguish your office space, generate fundraising revenues for your school, recognize achievement and greatness, or provide a unique personalized gift. Browse our site and discover the magic! Then give us a call or email today for pricing..